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{White Cake, Wild Filling}

By Nicolas Simoes Trump  

As you see in my last articles you will find the part #1 & Part #2 of the Wedding Cakes. So here’s some definitions of the cakes below and don’t Judge a cake by it’s Fondant. 

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Modern Love

Neapolitan cake with strawberry preserves and vanilla-mousseline buttercream filling, $12 per serving.

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Winter White

Matcha-green-tea cake with raspberry mousse and vanilla buttercream filling, $8 per serving.

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Snowy Chic

Red-velvet cake with peppermint-candy buttercream filling, $18 per serving.

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Terrace Garden in White

Valrhona chocolate cake with mango-tangerine buttercream filling, $13 per serving.

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Luxury in Chiffon

Orange mimosa cake with Champagne buttercream filling, $16 per serving.

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The Elizabeth

Valrhona chocolate cake with raspberry and strawberry buttercream fillings and white-chocolate ganache, $14 per serving.

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Pistachio cake with saffron buttercream filling, $14 per serving, by Love Street Cakes.

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White Garden

Yellow butter cake with raspberry jam and red-berry buttercream filling, $13 per serving.

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Toast to Love

Almond-vanilla cake with blackberry buttercream filling, $11.75 per serving.


Purple-velvet cake with green-tea buttercream filling, $11 per serving.

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Sugar Drape With Classic Sugar Roses

Dark-chocolate cake with raspberry cream filling, $7 per slice (plus decorations).

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Have a Ball!

Raspberry, lemon, pistachio, and cocoa cake balls wrapped in white chocolate, $2.50 to $4.50 per ball.

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Silk Origami

Green tea pound cake with mocha buttercream filling and Japanese rice crackers, $14 per serving.

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Pistachio Cake Truffle Croquembouche

Pistachio cake, lemon, and milk crumb truffles, $150.

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Beaded Polka Dots

Vanilla cake with strawberry and chocolate buttercream filling, $11 per serving.

A Royal Wedding

Red velvet cake with cream cheese filling, $10 per serving.

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White Cake, Wild Filling Part #2

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White Cake, Wild Filling Part #1

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{Best Nail Temple}

Tenoverten By Nicolas Simoes Trump 


112 Reade St., nr. W. Broadway, second fl            

Tel : +1 212-406-1010      

Tenoverten makes the experience of getting a simple mani-pedi seem anything but. The salon was launched by two fashion insiders—one is the owner of West Village boutique Mick Margo—and the décor includes a limestone-slab manicure table, Belgian linens, and original Bertoia chairs. The Wi-Fi-and-iPad-equipped spot goes beyond the call of duty in terms of convenience, too: It stays open until 10 p.m., keeps your color preferences on file, and uses a streamlined booking system, which e-mails reminders a day before and sends electronic receipts. You’ll also find polishes by brands rarely seen in salons like Chanel, RGB, and Nars. And while the environs are hardly standard, the prices aren’t too far off: $20 for a mani, $35 for a pedi.

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{Daniel Radcliffe Smolders In ‘Bullett Magazine’}

Posted 2/24/12 10:00 am ET by Nicolas Simoes Trump in CoversDudes

Daniel Radcliffe featured in “Bullett” Volume VI, The Obsessed Issue, on newsstands Feb. 28, 2012.

Holy transformations! The Daniel Radcliffe depicted in this Bullett magazine cover story is decidedly NOT the bespectacled wizardboy the world was first introduced to by Warner Bros. in the Harry Potter film series. He’s also not the bow tie-clad window cleaner turned businessman in How to Succeed on Broadway, either. Bullett has portrayed Radcliffe as the burgeoning heartthrob, a role he carries SO so well and one we, frankly, are dying to see him in more. I mean, just look at the upward looking smoldering gaze. That effortless swoop of hair perched above a starched collar, pop of scarlet, and piercing blue eyes. The tasteful hint of facial scruff. YOWZAAAA, Mama like. And this thing only gets BETTER as you flip through the pages.

Daniel Radcliffe featured in “Bullett” Volume VI, The Obsessed Issue, on newsstands Feb. 28, 2012.

Daniel channels a bit of the King with this Elvis-inspired onstage suiting: A paisley brocade jacket by Etro, Prada trousers with just a hint of sheen, and patent white Giorgio Brutini lace-up kicks that are polished but just off-kilter enough to emulate the classic showman. Also, that tippy-toed stance is SO accurate of the gyrating legend.

Daniel Radcliffe featured in “Bullett” Volume VI, The Obsessed Issue, on newsstands Feb. 28, 2012.

It takes a man with real *achem* cojones to appropriately work a lurex sweater (let alone a Marc Jacobs one). Daniel definitely proves his worth with this shot, teasing his natural-born man sweater (his CHEST HAIR, duh) and hoooooweeeee how did we never notice how totally BANANAS this dude’s bone structure is?!?? *faints, comes to, only to faint again.

Daniel Radcliffe featured in “Bullett” Volume VI, The Obsessed Issue, on newsstands Feb. 28, 2012.

We’re way into this re-imagining of James Dean with more COLOR. This whole Calvin Kleintee + Diesel jeans + mottled Dolce & Gabbana leather is sooo Rebel Without a Cause meets Drive, but with less cars and more FA SHUN. two thumbs up

Daniel Radcliffe featured in “Bullett” Volume VI, The Obsessed Issue, on newsstands February 28, 2012.

This is probably one of the most perplexing of the photos because never have we seen a man wear purple shellacked hair or printed pants (bless you, Richard Chai) so well, let alone wear them all simultaneously to such full-breathed swoon-inducing effect.

Daniel Radcliffe featured in “Bullett” Volume VI, The Obsessed Issue, on newsstands Feb. 28, 2012.

Polished yet not fussy hair, glossy cerulean eyes, and a navy on denim/rugged yet preppy Prada shirt and Louis Vuitton jacket combo that is totally appealing to every boy phenotype receptor in our brains all make this steely-eyed stare our hands-down favorite shot of the bunch. It’s not the last one, though! More photos from Daniel’s smoldering cover spread and the full interview are all at !

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Here’s some of my new shoot with the amazing photographer ANDREAS ÖHLUND 

Hope that you like my shoots !

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{Because Judge Jed Rakoff Said No}

  • By Nicolas Simoes Trump 
  •  The aftermath of the financial crisis was a blur of litigation and debate, but not a lot of action. That is, until United States District Court judge Jed Rakoff spectacularly rejected the $33 million settlement Bank of America agreed to pay the Securities and Exchange Commission for lying to its shareholders about the acquisition of Merrill Lynch. Using shareholder money to settle a suit in which the company was accused of misusing shareholder’s money was, he ruled, “absurd.” The judge—who also presided over a World.Com case, sent financial fraudster Marc Dreier to prison, and will soon unravel the Galleon insider-trading ring— didn’t mince words: “Oscar Wilde once famously said that a cynic is someone ‘who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.’ [This agreement] suggests a rather cynical relationship between the parties: The SEC gets to claim that it is exposing wrongdoing … the Bank’s management gets to claim that they have been coerced into an onerous settlement by overzealous regulators. And all this is done at the expense, not only of the shareholders, but also of the truth.” In a year in which we’d been barraged by obtuse language meant to justify big bailouts and bad behavior, the clarity was a revelation.

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    {Americans’ Rising Optimism on Economy Hasn’t Boosted Obama’s Favorability}

    Survey says… According to the latest Gallup-USA Today poll, President Obama’s favorable rating is 50 percent, “higher than the GOP presidential contenders but lower than every nominee in the past five presidential contests at this point except Republican Bob Dole, who lost in 1996,” USA Today writes. Fifty percent said Obama’s presidency has been a failure while 44 percent said they see it as a success. At the same time, three-to-one answered that the economy is expanding, and 60 percent said it will be growing a year from now. In a Quinnipiac poll released Thursday, 54 percent said they believe the economy is getting better, a marked jump from the 28 percent who said so in September. But according to the same poll, the president’s approval rating has risen from only 44 percent in November to 45 percent now. But have the good signs and good feelings on the economy lasted long enough to translate in the polls? And what about that aesthetically pleasing Dow Jones milestone? “There’s usually a lag effect, and also it’s the directionality more than the absolute level [that matters],” Democratic pollster Celinda Lake Celinda Lake said. “What most studies are showing is that personal confidence in the economy is going up and that the president’s personal job approval is going up too.” But where Democrats see a lag effect, Republicans see a “polling gap”: “Americans know that any improvement in the economy is not because of Obama’s policies but in spite of them,” said Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski. “Between stubbornly high unemployment, energy prices, housing and the cost of groceries, there are many indicators that make Americans skeptical of Obama’s handling of the economy.” The Gallup/USA-Today poll also contained some pretty damning responses concerning the GOP: The two leading presidential candidates, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, have favorable ratings significantly lower than any nominee in the past five elections at this point in the election year. Most Republican voters say they wish someone else was seeking the nomination. Which is the only response that really matters right now for Obama.

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    Alicia Keys - A Place Of My Own

    Amazing ! hope that you like listen to it =) 

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